Killin It

Episode 548: Killing It: And then Paying It Forward

In This Episode Jake Gibson, former investment banker, entrepreneur / co-founder NerdWallet, angel investor, now VC founder Better Tomorrow Ventures, who crossed career paths with host Jason Henrichs 10+ years ago, have an honest discussion about the twists and turns of co-founding a boot-strapping start-up particularly when you are young, on to something and quickly…

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Episode 543: Killing It: The Story Behind the Synapse Story

In This Episode It’s another engaging episode from Breaking Banks’ new series, Killing It. Host Jason Henrichs shares a candid conversation with Sankaet Pathak, Synapse CEO and Co-Founder, about Synapse’s just completed, very public bankruptcy and acquisition that came with highly opinionated social media commentary. Listen as Sankaet shares his personal story as well as…

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Episode 533: Killing It!  Acceptance As The Fastest Path Forward

In This Episode In this next episode of our special series, Killing It!, hosts Jason Henrichs and Alex Johnson sit down with Matt Harris, current coach, consultant, advisor and Bloom Credit (credit data solutions) co-founder. Starting a company is hard, at any age, Matt was 22 when he began his journey. It’s not just having…

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Episode 531: Killing It: A Simple Journey and Lending Without Bias

In This Episode You heard it here last week, a new series from Breaking Banks, ‘Killing It’ with co hosts Jason Henrichs and Alex Johnson, Fintech Takes. In this first episode we feature a candid discussion with Shamir Karkal, Alliance for Innovation Regulation, Co-founder and CEO of Sila, formerly Co-founder of Simple (BankSimple), America’s first…

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Episode 530: Killing It & Investing in the Next Frontier

In This Episode Drumroll…it’s a new series from Breaking Banks, Killing It, candid discussions with entrepreneurs sharing lessons, failures, successes and some of the tough decisions they had to make. From VCs to unicorns, it’s a high stakes game with high rates of failure. Not everything goes up and to the right, and success looks…

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