Episode 531: Killing It: A Simple Journey and Lending Without Bias

In This Episode

You heard it here last week, a new series from Breaking Banks, ‘Killing It’ with co hosts Jason Henrichs and Alex Johnson, Fintech Takes. In this first episode we feature a candid discussion with Shamir Karkal, Alliance for Innovation Regulation, Co-founder and CEO of Sila, formerly Co-founder of Simple (BankSimple), America’s first neobank which operated 2009 – 2021. A FinTech pioneer, he shares learnings, successes, failures and some of the tough decisions made along his ‘simple’ journey while reflecting on what it means for him today.

Then, Brett King connects with DIVINE, Victor D. Lombard, CEO & Founder, Solvent with tag line, The Future is Freedom. You may remember DIVINE from 2022 when we interviewed him about a venture with AWS’ Impact Accelerator. Today he is joined by Brent Chandler, CEO and Eric Lapin, President of FormFree to talk about their new partnership aligned around their missions to empower underserved demographics. The focus is lending, specifically the mortgage space, with new products to help underserved individuals get access to credit and a new two-sided marketplace, FormFree Exchange, connecting lenders and borrowers — helping credit invisibles get loans and institutions to lend without bias. Tech for good, who doesn’t love that!