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Matteo Rizzi is an unconventional entrepreneur with two decades of experience in Financial Services, constantly referred amongst the top executives in the industry. He spent 13 years at SWIFT - where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative, launching the first global startup challenge. Since 2013, he has a FinTech Investor and/or Venture Partner role with global VCs and CVCs (20+ deals, 5 exits). In 2015, he co-founded FinTechStage (now - a platform for Investors and Innovators to boost FinTech innovation globally. In 2019, Matteo founded a global initiative to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. The same year he launched Breaking Banks Europe (as the Executive Producer). He is the author of "The FinTech Revolution" and "Talents & Rebels" and is fluent in 5 languages. Twitter: Website: Instagram: Linkedln: Provoke:

Episode 127 – Unconventional Saving Products

The “Unconventional Saving Products” episode is here! As the industry has been attentively exploring different segments for investments, and it has been said, these days the safest can really be considered “cash and commodities” … guess what #BBE brings you? Just that!First, we were thrilled to invite Ingrid Brodin and listen to her passion as…

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Episode 124: Cross Border Payments: Revolut, Visa & Currencycloud

“Brace yourself cause this episode has all the potential to create a completely new perspective on how you perceive “Cross Border Payments” – Currencycloud is powering this incredible discussion, giving the hosting responsibility to #BBE’s Executive Producer – Matteo Rizzi, in a conversation together with Richard Arundel (Currencycloud), Terry Angelos (VISA) and Hugh Kingdon (Revolut)….

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Episode 123 – Breaking Impact: PALOP Take Over!

The Breaking Impact series is back, and in this episode, Matteo Rizzi takes over accompanied by three exceptional guests coming from three different African Portuguese-Speaking countries (PALOP) to discuss all things ecosystem building and the local challenges faced in each one. Telma Seidi, Digital influencer (AKA Tita Pipoka), focused on the role of knowledge and…

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Special Episode – Breaking Payments Kick-Off

Payments are cool again. The renewed interest in payment technologies made us launch a new spin-off of Breaking Banks Europe focused on the payment ecosystem, “Breaking Payments”.Today is the first edition of Breaking Payments hosted by Matteo Rizzi and four great guests: James Allum (Payoneer), Tamer El-Emary (Thunes), Keith Grose (Plaid) and James Booth (PPRO).Payment…

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Episode 111: Breaking Leaders – Stani Kulechov & Matteo Rizzi

Hereby the best way to kickstart 2022 – with a discussion between two #leaders, where Matteo Rizzi interviews one of the key thought leaders of the current DeFi landscape – Stani Kulechov himself! Join them on a discussion of the challenges of managing a fintech; plus the intricate synergy between the upcoming “mainstream” sphere and…

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Episode 107: Breaking Banks Europe – African TakeOver!

And when you least expected here is a new twist to the line-up, we bring you a special African Take-Over! so shine light on issues related to how money flows in the continent, reporting on different news, investment rounds, internal processes and advices from local industry leaders – Ntoudi (2D) Mouyelo, Paul-Harry Aithnard, and Eric…

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Episode 105: Breaking Impact: Focus on Francophone Africa

What makes francophone Africa such a specific region of the continent to conduct and grow innovation? With a vibrant startup ecosystem and growing access to investors, different entrepreneurs, institutions, and governments support and engage to enhance the growth of digital industries and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Get to know two stellar stakeholders in the region…

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Episode 103 – WebSummit Take Over: Portugal FinTech Update 2021

The WebSummit came and went, but we have several different “knowledge bites” to showcase in our podcast for the coming weeks, products of the exceptional stakeholder that were (or still are) in Portugal for this year’s edition of this incredible event. We start by providing some context – why exactly is Portugal relevant (with a…

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Episode 100: 2 Years of Breaking Banks Europe

Happy birthday is in order – and as we enter the not so “terrible two’s”, the entire host team gathers for this special episode – unmuted and unfiltered, on a reflection of their favorite episodes, the ones that need a follow-up and even revealing some line-up themes to the coming year. The #BBE “Magnificient Seven”…

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Episode 99: Money2020 Europe – Take Over Special (Part 3)

Wrapping up the week with a new episode of Breaking Banks Europe live from Amsterdam, where Matteo Rizzi infiltrated himself to the Thought Machine stand and got access to the biggest scoop live between Paul Taylor’s fintech and the JPMorgan Chase giant. Additionally, we sat down with the masterminds behind Radar Payments’ Founder & CEO…

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Episode 98: Money2020 – Take Over Special (Part 3)

Our Take Over is not over yet! For our second installment of this partnership – Matteo Rizzi unmuted the mic to a couple of industry trendsetters and industry shakers: Michael Kent (Azimo) and Pavel Matveev (Wirex) to tell us the stories behind their solutions and market opportunities – live from the MoneyPot booth at the…

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Episode 96: Money2020 – Take-Over Special

The doors are finally open and the vibe on site could not be more positive – it is another edition of Money2020 Europe, and the entire world has been waiting for longer than usual to see old friends, create new business ideas, and set the trends for the year to come in the financial services…

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