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Matteo Rizzi is an unconventional entrepreneur with two decades of experience in Financial Services, constantly referred amongst the top executives in the industry. He spent 13 years at SWIFT - where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative, launching the first global startup challenge. Since 2013, he has a FinTech Investor and/or Venture Partner role with global VCs and CVCs (20+ deals, 5 exits). In 2015, he co-founded FinTechStage (now - a platform for Investors and Innovators to boost FinTech innovation globally. In 2019, Matteo founded a global initiative to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. The same year he launched Breaking Banks Europe (as the Executive Producer). He is the author of "The FinTech Revolution" and "Talents & Rebels" and is fluent in 5 languages. Twitter: Website: Instagram: Linkedln: Provoke:

Episode 173: Inclusive Fintech Forum – Exclusive Sneak Peek

This sneak peek takes you on a journey between the two great purposes of Elevandi and Rwanda Finance to build the Inclusive Fintech Forum – pushing Kigali as the main catalystfor fintech in Africa, its favorable environment – the topics, speakers and different sessions in store at this incredible inaugural event.GET YOUR TICKET!” at 20%…

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Episode 171: Why Crypto is Essential in Driving the Banks Revenue

The spotlight is full-on BITPANDA, everyone’s favorite 24/7 trading platform. And we really mean everyone’s! Integrated with Lydia, Plum, N26, Hype; partners with VISA, Fabrick, and Mambu – Bitpanda is a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency exchange, commodities and securities trading, and ETFs; offering more than 2500 assets in five categories. But why are you still reading…

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Episode 166: MONEY UNDER 20: How GenZ Thinks About Money$”

Guess what – yesterday’s teens are tomorrow’s consumers, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, and the way they consume financial literacy and THINK ABOUT MONEY, is not exactly how previous generations did. This is why Breaking Banks Europe is proud to introduce MONEY UNDER 20 – an exclusive new series that is dedicating time to explore the behaviour…

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Episode 161: Breaking Carbon – Impact as an Economic Driver

We hope you are in a comfortable position to listen to one of the most inspiring discussions our show has ever seen. Learn about how impact can really be an economic driver – through the beautiful stories of our host in the pursuit of African entrepreneurs’ empowerment; how a experienced #FS professional decided to reclaim…

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Episode 160: Ecosystem Zoom In: The Croatian Case

Welcoming Croatia to Breaking Banks Europe and the Euro Area! The 20th country to join the euro family is finally showcasing its financial services and technology ecosystem on our show, telling us the tales and the stories of its entrepreneurs – that are now dealing with both the glory of the bronze medal at the…

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Episode 158: How Improving your Employee Welfare will boost your business

Why should you care about welfare? (But also, what is it?) The gap between the “old school” and the new array of services now provided to employees is wide, and this field is an exciting talk we were happy to host at #BBE. SME employees are now offered a 360 approach to their work and…

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Episode 155: WebSummit Take Over – Part 3

The last segment for the WebSummit Take Over is here and we bring two industry giants – straight from Paris to the #BBE hot physical seat, this time in Lisbon. Didier Lallemand (Treezor) is in the show for the first time and brings the familiar voice of Claire Calmejane for this special episode.  Connect with…

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Episode 154: WebSummit Take Over – Part 2

It comes as no surprise that we have another incredible taking over our podcast, but this year with a focus on African communities. On one end, the incredible Anie Akpe and AWIT provide high-quality small business education and relevant comprehensive assistance to the African Diaspora Community, and furthermore Zach Bijesse and PayHippo – whose mission…

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Episode 152: Breaking Payments: Fast ride across the payments landscape

Catch up with Jean Christian Mies (PPRO) & Matteo Rizzi as they talk about HOT topics from how to succeed in LATAM, what payment Orchestration means, or how many languages both really speak fluently. Connect with Jean:General Manager Americas | Member of the Executive Team, PPROLinkedln – This episode was powered by PPROPPRO globalizes payment…

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Episode 151: SIBOS Take Over (Part 2)

One last small bite from our last appearance at the incredible RAI Amsterdam – this time with SIBOS 22, the excellence showcase by Swift dedicated to connecting the global financial services industry.In this installment, we proudly introduce two fantastic stakeholders who themselves are true trailblazers for the industry with a combined +50 years experience in…

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Episode 150: Breaking Payments: Next Stage of Growth for SMBs

Make some room for this fantastic episode – where we will be discussing “mergers and acquisitions” together with Olympian Tosin Oke (Payoneer) and Louis Clement (TapNation) to this conversation led by Executive Director – Matteo Rizzi, to the much-anticipated episode 150. Be honest – when you think of the topic, the first thing that comes…

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Episode 149: SIBOS Take Over (Part 1)

Here it is, our Take Over of SIBOS 22 has given us fantastic content – and we are kicking it off with two incredible interviews with Tom Zschach (Swift) and Richard Neve (Cognito). Thank you once again for taking the hot seat at the Breaking Banks Europe Live Interviews installments in Amsterdam. Connect with the…

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