About Jason Henrichs

As host of the Fintech 5, Jason Henrichs  interviews the people actually making change versus those just making noise. He is also co-host of Breaking Banks, Provoke Media’s flagship weekly show, and the number one global fintech podcast.

Jason founded FinTech Forge,  which helps financial institutions build and leverage their innovative capacity through strategic fintech partnerships and investments. He is the co-founder and Chairman of FinTEx, a non-profit growing the FinTech cluster across the Midwest.  

He also founded Currency, a FinTech Center of Excellence in partnership with the University of Chicago, Northwestern and DePaul University.  He is a frequent speaker on financial innovation, regulation and compliance as competitive advantage.  He is on the FinTech advisory boards for the City of Chicago, the AARP, the Center for Financial Services Innovation Lab, and the SXSW Accelerator.   

Jason Henrichs and his wife are active angel investors in companies that include mobile savings, B2B payments, international payments, investment management, fraud detection, analytics and back office tools.

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