Episode 74: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – AML & Fraud

Your “Innovation and Tech Zoom In” leads us to the world of financial crime! “Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud” is the topic that Francesca Aliverti moderates this week, while discussing the accelerated processes in place for better protection & prevention of institutions and users, while in the digital leapfrog that the current pandemic demands most of the population to go through. Join Sjoerd Slot (Fraud Dynamics) and Andrea Danielli (Mopso & Amlet) in this discussion.

More about our guests:
Sjoerd Slot (Co-founder & Product, Fraud Dynamics)
Sjoerd was a former lead consultant Financial Crime at Capco and Capgemini. When he realized his clients needed to speed up their game in keeping up with criminals and all innovation in banking. So he set out to develop a solution that got clients ahead of the game in Transaction Monitoring. Fraud Dynamics translates deep domain expertise in automated machine learning models to power existing transaction monitoring environments. The key in the approach is that the detection models are based on good client behavior rather than on yesterday’s criminal patterns. Thereby catching significantly more suspicious transactions against a lot less false positives.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sjoerdslot/
Fraud Dynamics: https://www.frauddynamics.com/

Andrea Danielli (Founder and CEO Mopso Srl & Amlet)
Andrea Danielli is the founder and CEO of Mopso Srl, an Italian regtech startup that aims at improving AML processes and controls. He spent 10 years at the Bank of Italy, developing experience of AML issues during on-site and off-site inspections. In his residual spare time, he loves to write about innovation and he’s an active member of the Copernicani association.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-danielli/
Amlet: https://amlet.eu/en/