Francesca Aliverti

Episode 89: BlockIS Mini-Series: Focusing on Logistics

Your Block.IS Mini-Series is back for its 3rd installment – and today Francesca Aliverti, focuses on the logistics sector, which has been truly been shaken as a place for best practices, through the use of blockchain. Logistics overall is a market projected to hit the 12 trillion mark in the coming years. Yet, a massive part of…

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BlockIS Mini-Series: Focusing on FinTech

Your Block.IS Mini Series is back, and today Francesca Aliverti takes the lead to showcase some companies in the realm of FinTech that are connected to the Block.IS initiative, as well as discussing some buzzwords related to blockchain in financial services. A must-listen episode, to get to know a few solutions in the market! More on our guests &…

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Episode 74: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – AML & Fraud

Your “Innovation and Tech Zoom In” leads us to the world of financial crime! “Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud” is the topic that Francesca Aliverti moderates this week, while discussing the accelerated processes in place for better protection & prevention of institutions and users, while in the digital leapfrog that the current pandemic demands most of…

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Episode 72: Breaking Impact – Banking for Kids

When does the path for financial literacy begin? When is the right moment for an individual to start learning about managing their assets? The youth is the future and “Thinking Forward” is the best way to operate these days. Francesca Aliverti invites Philip Haglund (CEO & Founder of Gimi) and the orchestrators of the ING…

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Episode 68: Ecosystem Zoom In – The Greek Case

Francesca Aliverti hosts this Ecosystem Zoom In that lands in Greece – not your most obvious choice when selecting an innovative country but that is certainly taking off with its different iniciatives – TedXAthens, E.G.G (Eurobank) and Foud.ation are a few of the examples of iniciatives that are leading this movement, and we brought the…

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