Episode 72: Breaking Impact – Banking for Kids

When does the path for financial literacy begin? When is the right moment for an individual to start learning about managing their assets? The youth is the future and “Thinking Forward” is the best way to operate these days. Francesca Aliverti invites Philip Haglund (CEO & Founder of Gimi) and the orchestrators of the ING Think Forward Initiative – Dagmar van der Plas (ING) and Joep Arends (@Deloitte) to explain to us exactly what are the steps to change the financial services mentality from an early stage.

More on our guests:

Philip Haglund
Philip Haglund is the professional football player we have seen in the Swedish teams IFK Göteborg and Hammarby IF as well as in the German team SC Heerenveen. He has a master’s degree in economics from Stockholm School of Economics and started Gimi in 2015. Back then Philip saw a growing problem with children being excluded from the economic landscape as the transformation from cash to digital money became more and more widespread. Today his fin- and edtech company is used by children and families all over the world and named the most promising fintech company in the Nordics and Baltics by Mastercard.
Linkedln – https://www.linkedin.com/in/philip-ha…​

Gimi – https://www.gimitheapp.com/en​
Gimi provides an app for children and young people containing both theoretical education and practical exercise in personal finance. Gimi’s mission is to give next generation Financial Superskills for Life by letting them handle their own money and learn how to earn, save and spend their money in a wise way. The app works as a digital piggybank where parents can give their children weekly allowance and pocket money for helping out with chores. The app is connected to a prepaid Mastercard so the children can visualize how their money is deducting and growing while they are spending, earning or saving. Gimi also includes interactive financial lessons made in a gamified way where children can gain XP as their financial behavior and understanding becomes more and more developed. All the education in the app is based on thorough research and data conducted by scientists in economics, psychology and didactic.

Joep Arends – Innovation producer at Deloitte
Joep is an innovation producer at Deloitte. He has helped numerous companies to design, launch and scale new innovations. Both new propositions within existing companies as well as new ventures. He combines conceptual thinking with hands-on experience. He is considered an expert in the field of understanding future trends and developments, customer centric proposition design, lean startup and the launch and scaling of innovative ventures like digital bank propositions. Joep is co-founder of Deloitte’s Netherlands Innovation Consulting team and has extensive experience in working together with multiple disciplines to create the best innovations, e.g. strategy, technology, growth hacking, business model experts, sustainability, supply chain experts, operations experts, etc. Within the Think Forward Initiative, Joep is responsible for the innovation hub. This includes running an accelerator program, focused on helping Financial Health Fintechs to grow and scale faster.

Dagmar Van Der Plas – Sustainability Manager at ING global – Financial Health Lead | Think Forward Initiative lead
Dagmar is a sustainability manager at the global ING headquarters. She is overseeing ING’s Financial Health Strategy execution through strategic programmes such as our Think Forward Initiative. ING’s strategy is to help contribute to a financially healthy society and working towards a measurement to be able to set an ambition and to steer our products, tools, research and education to that goal. Prior to this role Dagmar was the point person and trusted advisor for Board members for all their internal and external communications needs. She advised other senior stakeholders at ING on their communications activities at a tactical and strategic level. Dagmar also initiated and managed large, complex international marketing and communications projects that involved many stakeholders and countries.

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