Episode 60: The Invisible Layer of Embedded Finance

The buzzword is out and “Embedded Finance” came to influence how consumers/enterprises interact with goods and services, through these seamless processes, that perform in this so-called “invisible layer”. Ajit Tripathi takes the mic and starts to unravel it (in this first installment of the podcast on the topic) – by giving visibility to the concept and its nuances, together with experts on the topic Lars Markhull (Business Development, Weavr) and Raphael Dana (Co-Founder & Board Member, Gozem).

More about our guests:

Lars Markhull
Lars is part of the Embedded Banking provider Weavr and has been working in Fintech infrastructure since 2014. Before joining Weavr, he was working as a startup advisor and supported them in their supplier selection process and early product development. He started his Fintech career in 2014 as the first employee of Open Banking company Figo (now Finleap Connect) where he was leading the sales activities focused on non-banks. He lives in Berlin and actively supports local startups in their early stages.
Weavr: https://www.weavr.io/

Raphael Dana
Raphael is a serial entrepreneur which specialties include corporate finance, blockchain, disruptive business ideas, start-up modeling, go-global strategy, recruitment of growth team, sales, and marketing. Prior to founding Gozem, Raphael co-founded IEG Singapore Joint Venture with IEG Banking (Berlin) in 2017 to provide corporate finance advisory to technology companies in Southeast Asia (SEA). Passionate about Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Markets: Startup Mentor at Singapore Management University (Southeast Asia). In Singapore since 2013 where he founded Galixo, a boutique consultancy specialized in Disruptive Business Strategy, Go to Market Entry and Growth with deep exposure to emerging markets (APAC MEA). Leading client has been Viber (Rakuten) for their market entry strategy in APAC and Africa. Prior to moving to Singapore, co-founded a media group in Switzerland specializing in business, finance, and lifestyle. Scaled the business through franchising in more than 20 key cities around the world. Previously co-founded the leading web agency of Switzerland in the web 1.0 era. Awarded most promising entrepreneur of the new millennium by Bilan magazine in Switzerland in 2000 when Raphael was 26 years old.
Gozem: https://gozem.co/en/