Episode 233: The Bankers’ Bookshelf – AI revolution: productivity boom and beyond

In this episode of “The Bankers’ Bookshelf,” host Paolo Sironi discusses the paper “AI Revolution: Productivity Boom and Beyond” with Christian Keller, Head of Economics Research at Barclays Investment Bank. The paper examines AI’s potential to drive significant productivity gains across industries, addressing the “productivity puzzle” where digital advancements haven’t translated into expected growth. Keller highlights historical lags between innovation and productivity, potential GDP measurement inaccuracies, and AI’s promise as a general-purpose technology. Key challenges AI could address include aging populations in developed economies, low productivity in developing countries, and the shift from manufacturing to services. The episode emphasizes the need for balanced regulation to manage AI’s rapid advancement and potential societal impacts. Sironi and Keller call for collaboration among industries, tech developers, and regulators to responsibly harness AI’s benefits, making informed business decisions based on this groundbreaking research.

Read now: https://www.ib.barclays/our-insights/AI-productivity-boom.html

Connect with Christian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-keller-a520717

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