Episode 213: News From The FinTech Front (January 2024)

In this engaging podcast episode hosted by Paolo Sironi, and joined by Bruno Macedo and Natasa Kyprianidou the discussion delved into the dynamic landscape of financial technology. The JPMorgan Chase latest announcement kicked off the conversation by revealing a staggering increase in hacking attempts, reaching 45 million cyber attacks daily, highlighting the evolving sophistication of fraudsters.

The exploration continued with insights from the IBM Institute for Business Value’s research on embedded finance, envisioning the “emergence of an everywhere, everyday bank”. Davos 2024 took center stage, emphasizing generative AI regulation, climate change, and conflict as pivotal topics in elite discussions.

The episode transitioned to legal matters, touching on the New York Times’ lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI for alleged copyright infringement, raising questions about AI tools using content without permission. Temenos’ Bruno Macedo contributed to the conversation with revelations about how Generative AI is poised to positively transform the face of banking.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series ushered in a new era of Mobile AI, promising barrier-free communication, creativity, and endless possibilities. The guests shared their “WOW moments,” highlighting the rise of Chief Product Officers in Financial Services and the potential impact of splitting savings optimally.

The podcast concluded with a glance at JPMorgan Chase’s strategic move, leading a $300 million funding round in a quantum computing firm, showcasing the industry’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Connect with our guests:

Bruno Macedo: https://www.linkedin.com/in/armindom/

Technology Evangelist at Temenos, Founder FusionAlgo

Natasa Kyprianidou: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natashakyprianides/

Independent FS Consultant, Founder of Fintecher Stories Newsletter

IBM FinTech Strategy and Author
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Paolo is one of the most respected voices in the FinTech industry globally, providing business expertise and strategic thinking to a network of executives among banks, insurers, startups and investment firms. Celebrated author on quantitative finance, digital transformation and economics theory, he explores the biological underpinnings of financial markets and how to bolster with technology and business innovation the global economy’s immune system in today’s volatile times.