Episode 179: Money2020 Europe – Take Over (Part 1)

We teased, and teased and here we are!
The first episode of our Live Coverage at Money2020 Europe just dropped and we are ready to share it with you. Curated by non-other than our favourite partner Ecology Media, Elizabeth Kleinveld and Don Ginsel host Fatemeh Nikayin & Thomas Müller (Rivero), Abe Smith (18:50′ – Paymentology) and John Ryan (34:06 – PayEd) on all things about their company mission, and goals for the future – including how to best leverage their experience at Money2020 Europe.

Connect with our guests:
Fatemeh Nikayin: linkedin.com/in/fatemeh-nikayin/
Thomas Müller: linkedin.com/in/thomas-müller-8a314bb6/

Abe Smith

The Ultimate Global Card Issuer Processor | Paymentology

John Ryan
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About the Author
Elizabeth Kleinveld is an ecosystem builder linking various parties in the Financial Services value chain from startups and scale-ups to regulators, investors and large corporates. She spent twenty years working in the tech and banking sectors in the Netherlands, working first with Holland Fintech and joinining Startupbootcamp's Global Fintech Accelerator in 2016. There she’s helped over 150 international startups from RegTechs, InsurTech, PensionTech, Institutional Investing, Challenger Banks, Trade Finance companies etc., to scale their business from those working with banks to improve their credit scoring models and onboarding processes to those focused on asset management and trade finance companies to companies operating in the ESG space. Kleinveld is also responsible for the corporate partners (European banks, insurers, pension funds, consultants). Kleinveld is passionate about helping female and minority founders and solutions that increase financial inclusion, giving the underbanked opportunities that they didn’t have before. She is keen to connect with enablers of financial inclusion, including BaaS, Forex and middleware solutions that are startup friendly. Kleinveld is very active in the ecosystem and has hosted a number of panel discussions at various conferences, including Money2020, Fintech South, European Women in Tech, Financial Services Cybertech Forum and Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo. In addition, she’s the host of a number of videos and podcasts about topics like Investing in Startups, Cybersecurity, FinTech for Retail, Challenger Banks, PensionTech and Compliance. Kleinveld has invested in over 30 startups, is on the Board of the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center and is a Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures.