Episode 10: The bank staying the crypto course 

Once again it looks like the digital asset house is burning down, but in Asia the smoke is clearing — or so believes the Singapore-based digital asset team at Standard Chartered. 
We talk to the bank’s global head of digital assets Rene Michau and the brand new head of digital assets and governance Danielle Szetho about where they see the opportunity for the big regulated banks, and the upstart fintechs, in the Asian crypto sector. 
This episode was produced by Rachel Williamson and Charis Palmer, with music credits to Raz Burg and BalloonPlanet. 

About the Author
Charis started her career in banking as head of product for Easy Street Financial Services, a fast follower to ING Direct in Australia. She went on to found Banking Review Media, the only publication dedicated to what was then the emerging online banking market. After a career leading new media startups across business, technology and global news, Charis is now the Producer of Breaking Banks Asia and Co-founder of Soundcraft Media.