The Future Is Already Here, Just Not Widely Distributed

Apologies to William Gibson from whom this quote is taken, but this week’s Breaking Banks is all about the disruptive future that is coming fast upon the banking sector. This week we speak to two global leaders and futurists who have enlightening views on the forces that are driving change in the consumer front-end of the business, and in the banking ecosystem. From a fundamental shift in what we think of when it comes to “Trust” to the impact of the quantified-self movement on the way we think about our finances and about our financial health. Alex Lightman author of “Brave New Unwired World”, the first book ever published on 4G and LTE technology, is a futurist who previously served as the CTO of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, and has advised the US government on the IPv6 protocol. JP Rangaswami is the Chief Scientist for, a well respected futurist and blogger who was named CIO of the Year in 2003 by Waters Magazine, and CIO Innovator of the Year by the European Technology Forum in 2004. Together they explore how the future of banking is fast becoming distributed.