The Era Of Faster, Smarter Payments

From the check you used to get on your birthday from your Grandma, to your regular monthly salary payment, through to the mortgage or rent payments you make each month – much of the utility we enjoy in banking revolves around payment capabilities. Whether it is card payments at a store, bank to bank payments, or international wire transfers, the “bank” has often been the go to place for such basic capabilities. Today, however, a virtual payments revolution is taking place. From the emergence of PayPal creating very simple payment transfer mechanisms, to the recent emergence of players like Dwolla, Square, Venmo, LevelUp and others – there are more payment options today than a humble banker could ever have imagined a few years ago. Please join Brett King, the host of Breaking Banks and the best selling author of Bank 3.0, and his guests Dwolla’s Ben Milne, Dave Birch from CHYP, and PayPal’s Head of Innovation Dan Schatt as they discuss how faster, smarter payments are rewriting the rules of how money gets from A to B.