Bink: Redesigning Loyalty for Digital Wallets

Today, Brett talks with Bink co-founder Greg Gormley and Bink CCO Mike Jordan about loyalty programs now that digital wallets are becoming more ubiquitous. Bink wants to redefine loyalty for the digital wallet. The Bink app is an aggregator of loyalty cards that helps consumers make the most of their loyalty programs, their preferences, and…

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Mike Laven_Hopeful but not Utopian

The only constant is change.  And the only sure thing is disruption.  Which is why Mike Laven doesn’t think of it as disruptive at all, but as part of the natural evolution of the world, constantly making things work faster.   Maybe he got that insight from his mother, who at 93, was still the…

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Dave Matter_Fintech Sandhog

Fintech- The new tech that is being developed to enhance financial services. Sandhog: member of elite team of tunnel and foundation builders who make it so we can travel swiftly and safely on bridges and tunnels. Financial services is undergoing a massive infrastructure overhaul. As money can now move faster and cheaper, it also needs…

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Travis Dulaney- Payments Plumber

Travis Dulaney is a payments guru.  Founder and CEO/CTO of Push Payments, he has over 20 years of experience working in payments and has been on the forefront of the digitalization of money.  His list of professional accomplishments include serving on the Fed’s Faster Payments Task Force that recently gave guidelines to update the entire…

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Brian Roemmele_The FinTech Voice_Episode-24

Brian Roemmele has a natural affinity for the audio realm – whether this be through his love of music or through his belief that voice would become the next operating system way before this was the “in thing”.

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