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Michelle Tinsley – Branches will Adapt

Michelle Tinsley isn’t so ready to kiss the bank branch goodbye.   As an expert in retail digital transformation, she thinks that the personal will become more valuable, not less, as technology continues to become an greater part of our environments.   Branches are using a combination of creating co-working spaces and mixed environments to change the…

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Mike Laven_Hopeful but not Utopian

The only constant is change.  And the only sure thing is disruption.  Which is why Mike Laven doesn’t think of it as disruptive at all, but as part of the natural evolution of the world, constantly making things work faster.   Maybe he got that insight from his mother, who at 93, was still the…

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Travis Dulaney- Payments Plumber

Travis Dulaney is a payments guru.  Founder and CEO/CTO of Push Payments, he has over 20 years of experience working in payments and has been on the forefront of the digitalization of money.  His list of professional accomplishments include serving on the Fed’s Faster Payments Task Force that recently gave guidelines to update the entire…

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