Michelle Tinsley – Branches will Adapt

Michelle Tinsley isn’t so ready to kiss the bank branch goodbye.   As an expert in retail digital transformation, she thinks that the personal will become more valuable, not less, as technology continues to become an greater part of our environments.   Branches are using a combination of creating co-working spaces and mixed environments to change the…

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Jake Tyler: AI as Personal Financial Assistant

Jake Tyler wants you to control your money with the ease that you ask Alexa for the weather or Siri for the best ramen in town.   He and his partners have built Finn.ai.   Think Siri, or Google, but for banking. So, why not use Siri or Google?   Finn.ai works exclusively with banks…

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Devon Watson- No Patience for Standing Still

As Chief Marketing Officer for Diebold Nixdorf, Devon Watson has a restlessness for innovation, for failing fast, picking up, and creating circumstances of growth and ingenuity. It seems a bit of an odd fit for a company founded in 1859 in the Canton, Ohio.   When Diebold hired Devon, he had a history of constant…

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Dion Lisle- Bankers Rosetta Stone

Dion Lisle didn’t start out in financial services.  He didn’t start out in tech either.   So, how did he become the head of Fintech at Cap Gemeni?    How did he build a resume full of both start-up, entrepreneurial experience, and experience inside large organizations?  And when did he lose all his hair?  🙂…

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Anne Boden_Changing Banking Forever

Serial Intrapreneur is about the leaders who battle the status quo inside their own companies to innovate and drive change. We are so pleased to introduce the newest podcast in Provoke Media, the parent company of Breaking Banks- SERIAL INTRAPRENEUR with host JP Nicols. JP has been consulting and watching the innovation in Fintech for…

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