Ecosystem Zoom In Series

Episode 19: Ecosystem Zoom In: Luxembourg

In this new series episode of Ecosystem Zoom In, we land in the innovative central European country of Luxembourg. And who better than Nasir Zubairi to introduces to this ecosystem – being a pioneer himself, and the CEO of The LhOFT – The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology. He opens the doors to understanding how…

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Episode 17: Ecosystem Zoom In Series: The Portuguese Case

Episode 17 is the second in our Ecosystem Zoom In Series – this time showcasing the Portuguese case, it’s rise and intensity within the European scheme. João Freire de Andrade is one of its biggest motors of this evolution and joins us to talk all about fintech in Portugal and its change of mentality that…

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Episode 15: Ecosystem Zoom in Series: The Italian Case

In this episode, BBE doubles-down on the Italian ecosystem one that has lagged behind the European “big shots” for a while but has been picking up quite some speed and is developing its very own breed of Fintech. Demetrio Migliorati from Mediolanum Bank explained to us how their blockchain project with R3’s Corda is an…

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