Fintech, Millennials and Telecom, what to expect in 2018

Few people in the Australian market have the breadth of Telecom and Financial services experience as Rocky Scopelliti, who has spent much of his career looking deeply at the intersection between financial services and the telecom industries. Of particular interest to Rocky has been the rise of the Millennial customer: who are they, how they…

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Duena Blomstrom- Get Shit Done

Duena Blomstrom is not known for having patience with inaction.  She likes to make decisions and move forward.  But she does have a keenly practical side and a  deep curiosity for what makes people work inside of organizations.  She uses her energy, drive, and insight to make big things happen in banking (an industry that…

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Anne Boden_Changing Banking Forever

Serial Intrapreneur is about the leaders who battle the status quo inside their own companies to innovate and drive change. We are so pleased to introduce the newest podcast in Provoke Media, the parent company of Breaking Banks- SERIAL INTRAPRENEUR with host JP Nicols. JP has been consulting and watching the innovation in Fintech for…

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