Special Episode: Pos COVID Implications (FTS Special)

This year has thrown a curveball to FTS Group’s yearly fintech festival, but we took the Breaking Banks digital momentum to grow it into a different – likewise dynamic session and headlined it by the biggest names in the financial services podcast industry. And hence, we organized an arranged marriage of Jim Marous (Banking Transformed), Brett King (Breaking Banks), Matteo Rizzi (Breaking Banks Europe & FTS Group’s Co-Founder) and Lázaro Campos (FTS Group’s Co-Founder), beautifully solemnized by Dara Tarkowski (Tech on Reg) for a discussion on “Post Covid Implications” on the digital leapfrog, leadership in banking, disruptive talent and the potential for recovery using fintech as a key player. This and more on this week’s Breaking Banks Europe show, today powered by FTS Group and Deloitte – which is giving us the opportunity to leap into a second session tomorrow on the FinTech Talks 2020 here: https://www2.deloitte.com/it/it/events/Eventi/2020/fintech-talks-2020-eng.html