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Tech on Reg is the podcast that explores all things at the intersection of law, technology and highly regulated industries. Host Dara Tarkowski talks FinTech, RegTech, SexTech and more with thought leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to share insights, trade viewpoints and get us all thinking about responsible innovation.

Dara Tarkowski

Dara Tarkowski

Dara is an experienced legal professional, advocate, entrepreneur, speaker and writer. She is passionate about disrupting traditional models and innovating at the intersections the law, financial services and technology.

With an emphasis on complex litigation and consumer finance law, she represents creditors in a range of litigation and regulatory matters. She serves as outside general counsel for a national debt buyer and collection agency and routinely represent clients in matters pertaining to the FDCPA, the FCRA, the TCPA, securities laws, state unfair and deceptive trade practices laws, state consumer protection laws, state licensing requirements, and state regulatory advocacy.

Dara also provide compliance counseling on best practices in the rapidly evolving financial services sector – including FinTech and RegTech startups - utilizing deep knowledge of crafting policies and procedures as well as the design of compliance management systems.

She has represented clients in both criminal and civil matters before state attorneys general, the CFPB, FTC, SEC, and other state and federal regulators.

Additionally, she advises clients on cybersecurity regulations, records retention, defensible disposition and document management, state and federal requirements on data privacy and security, data breach issues and response, and the preservation and production of electronically stored information.

Dara is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country in areas pertaining to receivables management and the law surrounding fintech. Read her blog.

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