9 months ago

Painless Frictionless Investing

One of the aims of Fintech is to lower the price of access to services that were once considered the province of the well-to-do.
In 2015, Brandon Krieg noticed that there was a large swath of the public that were underserved in investing. They either didn’t know how to start, or didn’t have the assets to make investing a priority. And they considered meeting an advisor too costly or beyond their means. He decided to found Stash, a mobile app that takes the pain out of entry into investing.

Today, Brett King, Ron Shevlin, Brian Roemmele, and Brandon Krieg talk about why or how that population is underserved, and what Stash is doing to create a comfortable frictionless point of entry for investing.

Also, we will be talking to Travis Dulaney- member of the Fed’s Faster and Secure Payments taskforce about why 2018 is the year that adoption will exponentially increase across the US.

Produced by Rachel Morrissey, Senior Producer, Provoke Media

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