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Michael Diamond- Midwest Bank Balancer

Michael Diamond, SVP and GM of Payments at Mitek Systems, wants you to know he is from Wisconsin. He is not some soft beach dweller.  And that background has given him the resilience, grit, and character to close deals in Silicon Valley.

Mitek provides a lot of the background technology for identity in Mobile channels.   If you want a pedigree- remember the Progressive Insurance commercial where Flo tells about getting an Auto Insurance quote with just a pic of your driver’s license?   Mitek software enabled that.

Michael thinks that banks should be focusing on encouraging customer adoption of mobile integrated services rather than getting too enamored with new toys like AI bots.  Making sure you take the route you need to take, and fostering customer adoption at the same time can be critical to not losing your business as you prepare for the future.


Michael Diamond is a proven business leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong track record for leading organizations in fast paced environments where ambiguity and market change are constants. He has over 20 years of experience building, motivating and growing business teams in software companies with particular emphasis in sales, business development, professional services and any related teams that touch products, markets, and customers. His career has been focused largely on #fintech, #mobile, and #analytics software.

He has extensive experience in B2B, B2C, on-premise, SaaS, and mobile products. His strength and passion is leading organizations: identifying market opportunities, developing strategic plans, building teams, creating winning cultures, developing talent, executing on objectives and growing the business.  He has led high-performing teams in war zones (both actual and metaphorical) and have a wealth of career experience to draw from which circumvent common mistakes.

He is endlessly curious and loves to learn. He reads voraciously and enjoys writing and public speaking, particularly about his passions:  leadership and innovation.  His blog is at www.michaeldiamond.com.

For more information , stop by the About Me page.


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