FinTech Capital Raising- Learning From The Leaders

According to CB Insights, there was more venture and private-equity investment in New York’s Financial Technology (or FinTech) sector in the first half of 2013 than in all of 2012, which was the biggest year on recent record. On a global basis, annual venture investment in the fintech sector has nearly tripled since 2008, with more than $9 billion invested over the last five years. What does it take to raise money if you are an entrepreneur or start-up in this incredibly dynamic space? Who are the key players, and what are they looking for before ponying up with investment dollars? This week we speak to three global leaders in FinTech investment. Matt Harris from Bain Capital Ventures, Micky Malka the MD of Ribbit Capital and Sean Park, one of the founders of the Anthemis Group. They’re going to be talking about the companies they’ve invested in, what’s hot right now and what it takes for start-ups to break out of the pack.