Episode 97: News From The FinTech Front (September)

BREAKING NEWS: Fintech Finance founder Ali Paterson took over the #BBE streaming platforms, and is hosting this that is explosive highly energetic episode on the trending news for the Fintech sector. Curve , Monzo Bank, the “FLEXs”, JPMorgan Chase & Co. feat. Thought Machine, #BankOfIsrael,… it’s all here. Get your popcorn ready and join Ali Paterson, alongside Hannah Duncan, Eleanor Demuth (Curve), and Ron Delnevo (SONECT) for an update about the current fintech revolution.

Connect with the guests and host:
Ali Paterson – Editor in Chief, FinTech Finance:

Hannah Duncan – Content Writer & Founder, Hannah Duncan Investment Content:

Eleanor Demuth – Director of Risk, Curve:

Ron Delnevo – UK Director, Sonect; Chairman, Cash and Card Consultants: