Episode 93: Talent Infrastructure

Time to shake things up! This week, Matteo Rizzi takes us on the “Talent Revolution”, showcasing stories and strategies that two brilliant trailblazers on the space went through in their impressive careers both in the corporate space and as advisors for diverse projects in order to create some structure for retaining and attracting real measurable talent for institutions. Neville Bourke and Drew Graham are our guests of the week, join them at this episode of Breaking Banks Europe.

Meet the guests:
Neville Bourke – Partner, Futurus
Neville Bourke has 25 years of experience in HR Strategy & Change Management across diverse industry sectors. Neville’s most recent corporate role was at the Bank of Ireland as the HR Director of Retail Banking. He was responsible for designing, leading, and implementing the people, culture and capability change elements for the 230-year old organisation transitioning initially through financial crisis, then through digital transformation of Financial Services. Neville is now an independent Organisation Change & Leadership Specialists who excel’s at developing people strategies and then converting those strategies into impactful, implementable people plans that have a demonstrable positive impact to performance and the bottom line. Neville is also Senior Expert Advisor to the Irish Smart Ageing Exchange (ISAX) and has previously been awarded the Charles Harvey Award for academic excellence in 2003.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nevillebourke/

Drew Graham – Advisor and Mentor
Drew is a serial entrepreneur turned banker; a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He joined Barclays as Director of Digital Strategy in April 2019. He was previously the Head of Platform for the Standard Chartered Virtual Bank in Hong Kong. He joined Standard Chartered as Director of Fintech Strategy and Engagement in 2016. Before renting his soul, hefounded and led a financial inclusion payments company in Indonesia, a financial services Cloud services company in Hong Kong, an oil and gas technology infrastructure company in Papua New Guinea, a data analytics startup in Berlin and a zip line in Singapore. He is a believer that the only difference between bravery and insanity is success, a keen mentor of entrepreneurs, a passionate advisor to startup accelerator programs and a reluctant wearer of formal clothes.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drew-graham/