Episode 76: SHE/HER 360

WELCOME TO SHE/HER – an honest checkpoint discussion on where gender equality is in the fintech sector and, more broadly speaking, in tech and innovation. Where do we still see the most problematic gaps, how we can ally to overcome them and how has the pandemic impacted this progress in different social clusters. A new Breaking Banks Europe series inaugurated by Matteo Rizzi, accompanied by industry leaders and gender equality experts Isabella Falautano (illimity) and Chiara Condi (Led by HER)

Meet our guests:

Isabella Falautano
Senior Executive with an expertise in communications, sustainability and public affairs at the neobank illimity, after a long career in the global insurer AXA, institutions (Presidency of Councils of Ministers and The World Bank), think tanks (International Affairs Institute). Active in various international networks: World Responsible Leader of the BMW-Quandt Foundation, Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund, Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France. Engaged into women empowerment: Founder of Angels4women and #illimither; Board Member of ValoreD; Linkedin 2021 Gender Equity List; 100 esperte listing and top 100 digital women in Italy. Believer (and doer) in giveback to young generations: faculty at Scuola di Politiche and Mentor and Business Angel of startups.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isabella-falautano/

Chiara Condi
Chiara is an activist, speaker and expert raising awareness about gender equality and diversity. She consults corporations on their diversity goals based on her extensive experience in the subject. She inspires awareness to change. Chiara has launched a podcast, The Other Half which interviews male leaders and CEOs around the world on the subject of gender equality in their personal and professional lives. Chiara is the founder of Led By HER a non profit women’s empowerment organization.
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiara-condi-404a1a13/