Episode 73: Where Does The Money Go? Impact Investing & Corporate Innovation Programs (Africa)

“Where Does The Money Go?” is back, and this time it focuses solely on the African continent, with a specific nuance on “Impact Investing” and “Corporate Innovation programs” – crucial factors for local entrepreneurs in the region. For this, Matteo Rizzi called 3 experts to tells us more about the challenges and the exponential opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Meet the guests:
Benoit Delestre (Chairman, Saviu Ventures)
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benoitdelestre/
Saviu: https://www.saviu.vc/

Dario Giuliani (Director, Briter)
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dario-giuliani/
Briter: https://briterbridges.com/

Hafou Touré-Samb (Founder & CEO, HTS Partners)
HTS Partners: https://www.hts-partners.com/

Author, Co-Founder of FTS Group, BBE Executive Producer
About the Author
Matteo Rizzi is an unconventional entrepreneur with two decades of experience in Financial Services, constantly referred amongst the top executives in the industry. He spent 13 years at SWIFT - where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative, launching the first global startup challenge. Since 2013, he has a FinTech Investor and/or Venture Partner role with global VCs and CVCs (20+ deals, 5 exits). In 2015, he co-founded FinTechStage (now FTSGroup.eu) - a platform for Investors and Innovators to boost FinTech innovation globally. In 2019, Matteo founded Timepledge.org a global initiative to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. The same year he launched Breaking Banks Europe (as the Executive Producer). He is the author of "The FinTech Revolution" and "Talents & Rebels" and is fluent in 5 languages. Twitter:https://twitter.com/matteorizzi Website: https://matteorizzi.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matteorizziofficial Linkedln:https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteorizzi/ Provoke: https://provoke.fm/author/matteo/