Episode 518: Gigantic Data Puzzles: Open Banking US & Cannabis Banking — Spicy Hot!

In This Episode

Regulators are bringing it, market pressures are adding to it and Jason Henrichs and Alex Johnson are jumping right in on Open Banking US with the Ghost Pepper hot sauce. Listen as the dynamic duo decipher the proposed 1033 ruling from CFPB, what it means for financial institutions and consumers, who owns transaction data, how it can be used, and how the sharing of data lakes would enable mutual relationships and better financial decisions. Efforts are underway to bring clarity to the market and while Open Banking US applies to financial institutions, it will also affect big tech with all the data and information they have on us (i.e. Amazon and Apple), and anyone who offers a credit card and digital wallet. How does BNPL fit into the mix? It’s another hot take from Breaking Banks.

Then, JP Nicols interviews Kevin Hart, CEO of Green Check, about the challenges for banks and credit unions to compliantly and profitably serve cannabis-related businesses (CRBs). Cannabis is legal in nearly half the states, so CRBs have lots of dollars looking for a home, and are popping up in more and more locations. Cannabis is not legal at the federal level, so banking these businesses involves understanding sticky details in licensing requirements, state guidelines, and state specific programs the require extensive monitoring.