Episode 517: Expectations vs. Reality: Latest Global Findings for Financial Services & Digital Identity

In This Episode

This week join Brett King as he discusses the latest research from a newly released study on expectations vs reality in financial services. It’s an enlightening conversation with DeAndre Jones, Chief Client Officer, FIS Banking Solutions and John Stuckey, Senior Director, Product, FIS Retail Solutions exploring the priorities of consumers when choosing financial services providers, the priorities of financial services executives in where they are investing for future innovation, and the points of alignment and misalignment between the two populations.

Then we learn how Clear is expanding beyond the airport and into fintech, just to be ‘clear’ airports are where they proved out their thesis around secure identity and what it does to unlock experiences, now they are bringing learnings into the digital space. Digital identity is a hot topic, and financial services is a great space in which to play. It’s an interesting segment with host JP Nicols and Derek Gottfrid, Chief Product Officer, there’s definitely a ‘clear’ opportunity (sorry, couldn’t resist) in financial services.

Enjoy the episode!