Episode 515: Fintech Visionaries Reimagining The Future of Finance; Part 2 Latam & then Payments in Kazakhstan

In This Episode

This week we feature the second of a three part series focusing on fintech visionaries reimagining the future of finance.  In today’s first segment, Brett King and JP Nicols are joined by Solana Cozzo, Head of Mastercard Advisors Business Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Mariana Franza, Chief Operating Officer at Ualá. Ualá, an Argentine fintech company, partnered with Mastercard to offer users an innovative and integrated digital experience with convenient and lower-cost services than other alternatives. Argentina has a large unbanked and underbanked population, and Uala has quite a story to tell with 5.5 million customers in 5 years and the ability to meet customers where they are and how they want to engage. It’s another interesting segment in the series spotlighting the benefits of partnership and empowering partners to disrupt, revolutionize and grow with agility and speed where there is need. Smart decisions with positive outcomes.

Then we travel with Brett to Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world, to hear from one of their fintechs, Wooppay, and its Chief Compliance Officer, Yuliya Salekhova about what Wooppay is doing to drive innovation forward in the country. The first in mobile financial services in Kazakhstan, Wooppay has an unique place and story. Listen as Brett and Yuliya discuss Wooppay’s wallet ecosystem and the future of payments.

Innovators from around the world reimagining the world of finance