Episode 514: By Popular Demand, Hot Takes: Fintech on Fire

In This Episode

It’s Fintech on Fire, and more Hot Takes from MX’s Money Experience Summit in Las Vegas. This episode features three bold panelists eager to tackle hot questions and even hotter wings! For every question and hot take, our panelists Mary Wisniewski, Editor-at-Large, Cornerstone Advisors; Neff Hudson, Trusted Leader in Transformation Change, Castle Hills Consulting, retired USAA veteran (pun intended); and Wes Hummel, CTO, MX will join host, moderator and spice aficionado Jason Henrichs in eating progressively spicier chicken wings. The discussion is hot and the sauces bring out some honest and entertaining reactions. It’s another Hot Takes hot session as they look to the future and work up to MXtreme’s secret sauce!