Episode 513: Stablecoins Going Mainstream

In This Episode

In this week’s episode of Breaking Banks, Brett King engages in an informative and dynamic discussion with Jonathan Anastasia, EVP, Crypto & Security Innovation, Mastercard and Mike Coscetta, Head of Revenue at Paxos Trust Company about why financial leaders should be investing in blockchain now. It’s a watershed moment for stablecoins and an opportunity to extend the benefits of blockchain technology to the realm of traditional finance and everyday transactions while ensuring integrity and security for customers. The trio cover it all — the state of the market today, the volatility, regulatory outlook and crackdown, international trends vs that in the US, growth in crypto in LATAM & other regions — and then dive in to their partnership, Crypto Source, sharing their vision for crypto in banking, what it means for the industry and how easy it is for banks to turn on, safely and compliantly, while being in control. With banks unlocking crypto, what does it mean for the future of finance? Listen to find out, now’s the time!