Episode 511: Fintech Visionaries Reimagining The Future of Finance & Hot Takes: Fintech on Fire

In This Episode

This week we feature the first of a three part series focusing on fintech visionaries reimagining the future of finance. In the first segment host Brett King connects with Mariam Ogunbambi, Chief Client Officer at Engine by Starling, the technology arm of Starling Bank and Bronwyn Francis, SVP, Advisors Business Development, Mastercard. Starling Bank, as many of you know, is Britain’s first digital bank, a true fintech success story. Engine is the platform that powers Starling and is now being provided to banks globally as a Software-as-a-Service solution to help them innovate, digitally transform or launch new digital offerings in their own markets, offering the opportunity to keep up with the pace of change and chance to replicate some of the Starling Bank magic. It’s an interesting first segment in this special series!

Then, it’s time for some more Hot Takes! This time, Fintech on Fire live from MX’s Money Experience Summit in Las Vegas. We have three bold panelists eager to tackle hot questions and even hotter wings. For every question and hot take, our panelists Mary Wisniewski, Neff Hudson and Wes Hummel will join Jason Henrichs in eating progressively spicier chicken wings. These hot sauces are guaranteed to bring out some honest and entertaining reactions. It’s another Hot Takes hot session!