Episode 509: Making A Difference: Roger That and Discovery Fund

In This Episode

It is always exciting when one can do good by combining personal experience, knowledge, need and work to create something for the benefit of many. This is exactly what Citizens Bank of Edmond President and CEO Jill Castilla did with Roger (think military term indicating message received). Listen as Jill and Jason Henrichs discuss how the bank launched a digital bank for military recruits — entry-level recruits many of whom enter basic training without bank accounts. The lack of an account can delay training start date and a recruit’s first paycheck, and financial stability, predatory lending and financial literacy can be threats to military readiness. It’s a fascinating success story.

Then, as it is FinovateFall, we feature a Finovate conversation between ‘MC’ Greg Palmer and Elizabeth McCloskey, TruStage Ventures, where they cover the fintech funding landscape specific to Credit Unions and DEI Initiatives.