Episode 505: Women in Fintech: Leaning in on The Metaverse & Climate Change

In This Episode

The Metaverse Economy: How Finance Professionals Can Make Sense of Web3 is Arun Krishnakumar and Theo Lau’s new book. Listen as Brett King connects with Theo Lau, frequent guest and Founder, Unconventional Ventures. The metaverse is evolving, the way the metaverse is now, is not close to where it will be. The book is designed to equip fintech professionals with an in-depth understanding of the emergent economic models in the Metaverse and across Web3, and also understand the risks associated with the Metaverse and help these professionals prepare for what lies ahead in this immersive environment. The concept of community in the metaverse is important, we don’t want to leave people behind.

Then Brett and Jason Henrichs shift the subject to talk about recent fires in Greece (sadly we can also add Maui to the list), the Impact of these fires and the EU response to climate change with author and influencer Dr. Leda Glyptis. July 2023 just scattered the record for the hottest month, per NASA, since 1880. There is no denying that climate change is here. Some of these extreme events are naturally occurring, others man-made, but the number and extent of these occurrences is increasing and there are concerns of irreversible desertification.

Banks and regulators need to be front and center, and take more of a stance. In natural disasters the financial system sometimes breaks down — financial inclusion and financial access are concerns. Major systemic banks in Europe are asking themselves the hard questions, not just taking superficial steps. The cost for these extreme weather events is growing exponentially, economics are in play. Covid made people realize there are no boundaries, it’s everyone’s problem. Climate change also doesn’t stop at borders, a similar degree of focus and urgency is needed. Will Europe lead?