Episode 50 – Special Birthday Edition

This week, Breaking Banks Europe celebrates its first year delivering weekly episodes (sometimes biweekly) and decides to round up all Breaking Banks Europe hosts, plus the brand’s creator Brett King, to tell you how the inception of this spin-off, including (to its majority) the anecdotes that were part of every host involvement in the project. Furthermore, they tell you what were they’re favourite guests and episodes so far, and their 2021 wishlist of the topics they want you to know more about and also setting a mission for the coming year: “Helping the audience by offering tools or inspiring stories for recovery”. Join them in this year long journey and be part of the coming year!

Useful Resources (mentioned throughout the episode):
1. VOTE for Brett King in the “FinTech Hall of Fame” by CB Insights:
2. Join Breaking Banks Europe: Drop a line to Luis Serna Pratí ()
3. “The Ministry of the Future” book: https://www.amazon.com/Ministry-Future-Kim-Stanley-Robinson-ebook/dp/B084FY1NXB
4. “Mars Trilogy”: https://www.amazon.com/Red-Mars-Trilogy-Stanley-Robinson/dp/0553560735

Hosts’ favourite episodes:
– Mambu, The Lego of Banking Technology – https://bit.ly/BBE46Sp
– Let’s talk about Impact, Equal Opportunity and Empowerment – https://bit.ly/BBE48Sp
– On Balance, Self-confidence, Inclusive Finance and Gender Equality – https://bit.ly/BBE36PFM
– The European Commission talks Digital Innovation – http://bit.ly/BBEEUCom
– News From The FinTech Front – http://bit.ly/NFFPvk
– News From The FinTech Front – Part 2 – http://bit.ly/NFF2Pvk
– UX and Customer Experience – http://bit.ly/BBE16Pvk
– When Theology meets Technology – https://bit.ly/BBE30P
– Breaking Banks and Crypto Capsule Collaboration – http://bit.ly/BBECapsule
– Outside In – Singapore – https://bit.ly/BBE27A