Episode 498: Meet Breaking Chains Crypto

In This Episode

Meet Breaking Chains Crypto, a new podcast In the Breaking Banks/Provoke.fm family of podcasts that is hosted by Yield App. Breaking
Chains Crypto covers the news, rumors and developments in Crypto, DeFi, Web3 and what makes the industry tick. Breaking Chains
brings an insiders perspective on the true secrets and developments, what really makes a difference in the industry, and how the most exciting coins, tokens and verticals to emerge from the industry will change the world.

In this episode, Rhys and Lucas Kiely, Yield App’s Head of Web3 and CIO, along with Ajit Tripathi, strategic advisor at Polygon Labs, discuss the current landscape and share reasons why they think the battle of the L2s is only just starting, how Chat GPT – while
incredibly useful – has striking similarities to a Big 4 consultant, and why South Korea has shown evidence that it is fertile ground for
producing some notable degens.

About the Author
Rhys is Head of Web3 at Yield App, and has a rich background in predictive analytics. With nearly ten years of experience in Web3, he’s passionate about sharing his deep understanding of blockchain technology, whether that’s as an early stage venture investor, or a strategic advisor for the projects that he’s most excited about. Throughout Rhys’ Web3 career, he has remained focused on modeling risk in DeFi, and currently managed a DeFi fund that peaked at $250 in AUM in 2021.