Episode 487: Finding Your Feet On Ground That’s Constantly Shifting: The 2023 Global Innovation Report

In This Episode

No matter your sector, innovation is transforming the financial world. The impact is hitting fast and hard. At times, innovation may seem like a nice to have, especially in an uncertain market environment, but it’s clear that innovation is having a significant impact on businesses around the world.

In today’s episode of Breaking Banks, host Brett King speaks with Melissa Cullen, Global Head of Strategy, Product and Commercialization at FIS Banking Solutions; and Tony Warren, Global Head of Strategy and Solutions Management at FIS Capital Markets Solutions about findings from FIS’ 2023 Global Innovation Report.  Listen as they discuss what the world’s leading financial institutions and companies think about Embedded Finance, ESG and DeFi, as well as implications of Generative AI.

Innovations are appearing faster than ever. With so much disruption — and opportunity — the industry must be all the more agile to turn the change to their advantage.

Shownotes: The full report can be accessed here: www.fisglobal.com/global-innovation-report