Episode 469: Seven Generations of Economic Opportunity

In honor of Native American Heritage Month and Day (11/25) we have an incredible episode hosted by Amber Buker and Jason Henrichs. First, Amber speaks with Dawson Her Many Horses, SVP & Head of Native American Banking about Wells Fargo’s new report on Indian Country’s Once-In-a-Seven Generation Opportunity. Wells Fargo is a leading provider of capital for the native american and Alaska native markets banking 4 out of 10 federally recognized tribes in the US, equating to roughly $3B in credit commitments and $3.9 billion in deposits. Incredible but often invisible opportunities exist to partner with tribal economies.

Then Jason sits down with Amber to talk about what inspired her to start Totem. You need only listen to the founding story and Amber’s interest in aligning opportunities with mission to understand. What better way to help others than by starting an identity-focused bank! Totem, a truly mission driven company, supporter and advocate for native culture with a goal to create pathways to financial inclusion for Native Americans through digital banking — closing gaps in service in this market, taking friction out of the system and creating value. Banking by and for Native Americans, the fastest growing racial demographic on the 2020 census (160% population jump vs. 2010).

Yakoke (Thanks in Choctaw) for listening, enjoy the episode!