Episode 466: New Paradigms for Fintech Investing & The Good Future

If you want to play the game, learn the players. Listen as Amber Buker records live from the MoneyPot podcast booth at M20/20 with Kelsey Weaver, a Founder, Investor, Bank Board Member and Philanthropist, and Siya Vansia, SVP, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, ConnectOne Bank. The OG Fintech Girl Gang members share insights on what fintechs need to do as investment dollars tighten and how bank investors are creating new paradigms that recognize value is not the same as valuation.

Then, futurist and humanist Gerd Leonard joins Brett King and Robert Tercek to talk about a positive future, one that is inclusive, sustainable and purpose driven. What kind of world do we want? As talk turns to putting things in action and global perspectives, they cover tech & reboots, regulation, NFTs and crypto.