Episode 464: Second Wave BaaS & “Deep Tech”

A boutique bank with a big vision! Seattle Bank’s Josh Williams, EVP Chief Banking Officer and Head of Partnerships speaks with Jason Henrichs about Seattle Bank’s forward-leaning approach and how they are leveraging tech to guide BaaS partnerships. Call it BaaS’ second era, they talk about the next iteration of BaaS, embedded finance, and what banks have to get right if they want to compete in the space. Seattle Bank is keeping its eye on the puck and where it’s going as they continue to solve client and market problems.

Then, “Deep Tech” is transforming every industry. Tricia Martinez, Managing Director Techstars, Industries of the Future Accelerator
covers Deep Tech. What is Deep Tech? Tech that addresses deep engineering and science driven problems such as AI, biotech, quantum
computing…tech with potential to revolutionize industry and problems our world is up against. As an example we connect with Spiky.ai’s Co-Founder Furkan Eris. Spiky.ai powers and increases the engagement of forward thinking companies with the goal to use data to empower everyone. Trust and human connection is so important in financial services, as things go more digital, how do you ensure effective communication, improve management and assessment, and make the most of your team, with the goal to get the best out of everyone? Forward-thinking tech!