Episode 463: Future of Work & Future Work

Work practices have changed. Attracting and retaining talent is more critical than ever. There are three pillars in helping generate meaningful work behavior — character, leadership and culture — all three so important. Listen as Brett King speaks with Making Meaningful Work authors Daniel Szuc and Jo Wong about how these pillars and soft skills are needed to make work more human. With digital nomads adopting different working styles, how do you create culture? The three M’s will help with that!

Then, sustainability and climate are key initiatives for our global community. David Reiling, host of Provoke.fm‘s Next Gen Banker, covers these in the second half of the episode as he speaks with Marilyn Waite, lead of the Climate Finance Fund, a $75 million philanthropic platform covering the markets of China, Europe and the United States. Fintechs can play a key role in these initiatives, they’ll get into that as well as positive change, Carbon Accounting Financials and hopes for tomorrow’s banker.