Episode 462: Innovation IRL

Back to life, back to reality :notes:. Or at least back to “in real life.” Conferences are back. Finovate had its largest show ever in New York City and the Provoke team is crisscrossing the globe to speak, record and fight. That’s right, fintech fight club made another appearance at Finovate with Lindsay Davis of Atomic squaring off against Mary Wisniewski from Bankrate. The best fight yet and it’s available at provoke.fm

This week far fewer punches but Jim Marous, Chloe James and Jason Henrichs talk about all things Finovate. One of the key takeaways from the return to in person is the awkward “how do I end this conversation” in real life vs. online. Jason demonstrates how much easier it is online by hanging up on Jim! Then Chloe connects with Sam Kilmer, Cornerstone Advisors and James Robert Lay, Digital Growth Institute. With current volatility what wins deals and how has deal-making changed? New patterns, new approaches and opportunities to transform banking for good.

We hope to see you in person soon too!