Episode 459: Building Trust & Expanding Reach

Building trust with those who never opted-in and those who opted-out of the system is central in today’s conversation with three founders from two neobanks that are making a difference, Obsidian Bank’s Damon Kirk and Steven Farrar, and Totem’s Amber Buker. Each neobank has it’s unique needs and challenges, but there is commonality. Obsidian Bank serving the Black Community and Totem the Native American community. The segment is enlightening, each is an active participant in the community they serve, For Us By Us!

Then, Jason Henrichs connects with Asra Nadeem, Draper University — it’s not a college or university — it’s an accelerator for entrepreneurs. They talk about Draper’s mission, programs and success as well as Draper Startup House’s participation in Fintech Islands (Barbados, startup event), spotlighting founders of a diverse group of early-stage fintechs. The fintech ecosystem in the Caribbean is relatively new but evolving rapidly, the islands representing a substantial market opportunity and an attractive environment for building new fintechs and the expansion of existing companies globally.

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