Episode 449: Down but not out: the future of DeFi and TradFi

In This Episode

This week we have a particularly spicy guest… Simon Taylor, writer of Fintech Brainfood, one of the best weekend reads on all things fintech, formerly head of ventures at 11FS and now Head of Strategy and Content for Sardine. Despite the time difference, Simon and Jason Henrichs dig into some real brainfood with some Hot Wings and Hot Takes on the future of fintech, why Web3 matters and why the intersection with KYC and risk management practices could completely upturn traditional finance.

In the second half, Chrissy Oelke who spearheads UX at Horicon Bank and Jason talk about Horicon’s journey towards personalization. The genesis of this conversation was a panel Chrissy and Jason did for Total Expert. Here Jason takes the opportunity to understand Horicon Bank’s why behind the decision to embark on a user experience overhaul, the challenges they’ve faced and the road ahead.

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