Episode 429: DAOs & Payments Fraud and Friction

In This Episode

What is a DAO? Brett King kicks things off this week by interviewing Marcello Mari, CEO, SingularityDAO. DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) are gaining traction as the industry looks at company mechanisms and operations and tries to heavily automate them in the blockchain and crypto world, Think of corporations as elements of computer code built from the ground up vs. prior classification as legal institution and you are on your way.

Then, host Jason Henrichs squares off with Kate Fitzgerald, Senior Editor, Payments, American Banker and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors and Forbes Contributing Editor about Fraud & Friction and PayPal’s recent admission of 4.5 million bogus accounts sitting on their books. With fraud on the rise, listen as the panel discusses the role of marketing incentivizing account growth, bots, synthetic accounts, and handmade fraud. Are SuperApps a solution?

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