Episode 423: 2022 Year of Small Business(es) Globally

In This Episode

Three visionaries leading payments and financial services forward are spotlighted in today’s episode with hosts JP Nicols and Amber Buker. Hany Fam, Founder and CEO, Markaaz whose mission is to connect every small business on the planet with a game changing platform that protects and helps businesses grow with a trusted network of suppliers so small business clients can focus on THEIR mission — growing customers and revenue. Then John Sun, Founder, Spring Labs, who is looking to a future of secure data exchange to unlock data’s value for a more inclusive, efficient and secure global financial ecosystem for all, to include ‘thin file’ or ‘credit invisible’ consumers, by creating incentives for institutions to provide data not previously factored into the credit reporting ecosystem. Finally, Itamar Jobani, Co-Founder, PayEm, a spend and procurement platform designed to take the pain out of monthly reimbursements, managing requests and invoices, while billing and sending payments globally and in a wide variety of currencies. A little something for everyone to start the year off right!

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