Episode 415: NextGen Opportunities

In This Episode

Host Brett King leads us off this week with news and a chat with Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, RailsBank. Railsbank has some exciting news for consumers. Thereafter we go back to M2020 and learn from industry leaders. David Reiling, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Bank, a socially responsible bank, and also host of our NextGen Banker, on trends he’s noted at M2020 — BaaS, Crypto. Real-Time Payments, Identity, Data Privacy, Corporate Responsibility. DEI to name a few. Last, an insightful segment with Matt Wallaert, Head of Behavioral Science at frog on how banks can propel change and adoption with behavioral science. Desire, energy and curiosity are not just for the young and hip, leaders need to to encourage curiosity for change and innovation. All behaviors on table for change. Banks can’t afford to NOT mess up.

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